The Story Behind Tayo Station

The Story Behind Tayo Station. Indoor Playground in the East

A Playground with a Purpose

Tayo Station is not just another indoor playground; its carefully crafted experience has been designed to enrich the lives of children and families. But what is the story behind this innovative space? Let’s take a journey through the history, mission, and unique features that make Tayo Station a one-of-a-kind destination.


The Genesis: Inspired by Tayo the Little Bus

The inception of Tayo Station was inspired by the popular children’s show, Tayo the Little Bus. The creators recognised the educational and entertainment value of the show and envisioned a space where these elements could come to life. Thus, Tayo Station was born, offering a physical space where children could interact with their favourite characters.


The Mission: Holistic Development for Children

Tayo Station aims to provide a holistic experience that goes beyond mere play. The focus is on the overall development of children, incorporating elements of sensory play, physical activity, and education. Each zone within Tayo Station is designed with a specific developmental goal in mind, making it more than just a place for fun.


Unique Features: More Than Meets the Eye

What sets Tayo Station apart is its unique features, such as our expanded road circuit complete with a bus stop, as well as a mechanic’s workshop for the young ones interested in all things automobile. Additionally, we have added a Race Ramp, two-storey slides, and Basketball, which are suitable even for older children up to 12. These unique attractions offer a multi-faceted experience that stimulates various senses, contributing to a child’s overall development. Additionally, Tayo Station places a high emphasis on safety and hygiene, ensuring a worry-free experience for parents.


Community Involvement: A Space for Everyone

Tayo Station is not just for children; it’s a community space that welcomes families and even hosts events. From birthday parties in Lani’s and Rogi’s Party Rooms to educational workshops, Tayo Station serves as a hub for community engagement.


A Legacy in the Making

The story behind Tayo Station is one of innovation, purpose, and community. It’s not just a playground but a space that enriches lives, fosters development, and brings families together. As Tayo Station continues to evolve, its story becomes a legacy that will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on countless families. Buy tickets now!