Tayo Station: A Stimulating Day of Fun

Tayo Station: A Stimulating Day of Fun. Sensory Activities for Preschoolers

Beyond the Traditional Playground

Tayo Station is revolutionising the concept of indoor playgrounds. Catered to children aged 0 all the way up to 12, the younger ones will find themselves enamoured by the sensory stimulation offered here, while the older ones will simply have a good time staying active while exploring the different stations.


Poco’s Hinoki Play and Tayo’s Road Circuit: A Sensory Haven

More suitable for the younger ones, Poco’s Hinoki Pit and Tayo’s Road Safety School and Circuit allow children to let their imaginations run wild while also learning about the world around them. Filled with Hinoki wood cubes that emanate a calming scent, Poco’s Hinoki Play provides a unique tactile and olfactory experience. Meanwhile, Tayo’s Road Safety School and Circuit teach children about road safety rules while allowing them to take the wheel of their own vehicle and earn themselves a Tayo licence!


Ball Pool and Play Area: A Colourful World of Entertainment

The Ball Pool and expansive play area at Tayo Station allows slightly older children to have a whale of a time, whether it be through racing each other on our newly installed Race Ramp, challenging each other to a game of basketball, sliding down the thrilling two-storey slides, or simply frolicking in the ball pool. Likely the highlight of Tayo Station for many children, this is a zone not to be missed.


Sensory Play: A Different Dimension to Fun

As children grow up and develop new skills, they require different aspects of sensory stimulation. Which is why sensory play is crucial for a child’s development. Besides helping in building nerve connections in the brain, it encourages the development of motor skills, and enhances memory and attention span. Especially with the younger children in mind, Tayo Station’s sensory playgrounds are designed to promote these developmental benefits.


Safety and Hygiene: A Top Priority

Tayo Station places a high emphasis on safety and hygiene, especially in its sensory playgrounds. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure that the play areas remain a safe space for children to explore and learn.


An Experience Like No Other

Tayo Station’s novel attractions offer a unique and enriching experience that caters to children of different ages, which is what sets us apart from traditional indoor playgrounds. From tactile to olfactory to visual stimulation, these playgrounds provide a holistic sensory experience that contributes to a child’s overall development, while ensuring they have a day of unparalleled fun. Buy tickets now!