Holiday Camps at Tayo Station

Holiday Camps at Tayo Station. Preschool Excursion Singapore

A Unique Holiday Experience

Are you looking for a unique and enriching way for your children to spend the school holidays? Look no further than Tayo Station‘s holiday camps! Designed to offer a blend of fun, education, and skill development, these camps are the perfect holiday getaway for your children.


The Concept: Beyond Regular Play

Tayo Station’s holiday camps are not just an extension of its regular play zones. These camps are structured programs that include a variety of activities aimed at holistic child development. From arts and crafts to team-building sports, the camps offer something for every child.


Activities Galore: A Day to Remember

A typical day at a Tayo Station holiday camp could include a simple yet engaging cookery lesson and exciting team bonding activities, followed by a creative workshop to allow the children to express their boundless imagination. Whatever piques your child’s interest, they are guaranteed to have a fulfilling day.


Educational Benefits: Learning Through Play

One of the standout features of Tayo Station’s holiday camps is the emphasis on education. Activities are designed to be not just fun but also educational. Suitable for children aged 3-10 years old, you can be assured that your child’s day will be well spent at Tayo Station when they join us for our holiday camps.


Safety First: A Secure Environment

Safety is a top priority at Tayo Station, and the holiday camps are no exception. With trained supervisors and a focus on hygiene, parents can be rest assured that their children are in a safe and secure environment.


An Unforgettable Holiday

Tayo Station’s holiday camps offer an unparalleled experience that combines fun, learning, and personal growth. It’s not just a way to keep your children engaged during the holidays; it’s an investment in their future. Contact us to find out more!