A Day with Tayo and Friends

A Day with Tayo and Friends. Family Activities this Weekend Singapore

An Unforgettable Adventure

Step into a world of endless fun and learning with Tayo and friends at Tayo Station. Recently equipped with new features such as our Race Ramp and two-storey slides suitable for children up to 12 years old, this isn’t just another day at an indoor playground; it’s an adventure that promises to be as educational as it is entertaining.


Tayo’s Road Circuit and Road Safety School

Kickstart your day with a thrilling experience at the iconic Tayo’s Road Circuit and Road Safety School, which offers interactive lessons on traffic rules. Let your child take the wheel of a mini-bus while navigating through a realistic cityscape, as they earn themselves their very own Tayo Licence. Besides an avenue for guaranteed fun; it is also an excellent way for kids to learn about road safety and basic traffic rules.


Poco’s Hinoki Play

After exploring the Road Circuit, head over to Poco’s Hinoki Pit. This sensory play space is filled with Hinoki wood cubes well-known for their aromatic and therapeutic properties, a perfect zone for children to build, create, and let their imaginations run wild.


Expansive Play Area for the Family

As you continue your day at Tayo Station, make your way to our multi-featured playground, which includes a soft playground for the younger ones, and an area that presents a physical challenge for older children and guarantees a good time of family bonding. With two-storey slides, an obstacle course with trampolines, an area for basketball, our novel Race Ramp, complete with the all-time favourite ball pit, everyone will be sure to have a good time.


Lani’s and Rogi’s Party Rooms

If you’re visiting Tayo Station for a special occasion, you can expect a day of exuberant fun at Lani’s and Rogi’s Party Rooms. These themed rooms are perfect for birthday celebrations and other gatherings.


A Day Well Spent

More than just a series of activities, Tayo Station offers a holistic experience that enriches your child’s day. From educational and physical activities to social and emotional stimulation, a day with Tayo and friends promises to be a memorable adventure for the entire family. Buy tickets now!